2016 Produttori del Barbaresco Langhe Nebbiolo

A three act play. (the second bottle of the six I purchased at the cellar door on release)

In the first act, there’s a wine that’s just been uncorked, and is quite obviously reduced beyond any reasonable factor of enjoyment. Nonetheless, I consume half of the bottle as I’ve not time/motivation to fetch another from the cellar. I swirl, and swirl, and swirl. A mere, swift and fleeting suggestion of red fruit appears. Once. During 30 minutes.


The second act, which happens to fall the second day after it’s been opened, is a completely undrinkable wine – acids are literally screeching to the point of drowning out any utterance of fruit. I gave up, and left the final two ounces of the bottle in my glass on the counter (i.e. ambient temp/open). I fully expected to find a fully oxidized mess the next morning.

Act 3 opens with me coming downstairs the next morning, to make coffee. I spot the remains of this troublesome and wholly disappointing bottle, and take a sniff. What’s there is a completely harmonic, rather lovely, and in no way oxidized after just a gentle swirl of the glass. smh.

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“new” tasting room at Produttori del Barbaresco, mostly for large groups/trade professionals
Something of a wild ride, as many great wines are, and rather like a good book: unexpected twists, and turns, and a happy, meaningful message. Based upon the final meeting, this is recommended. 14,0% abv.

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