Sample Policy

My main/preferred method of tasting is at the winery, typically with the winemaker/agronomist/owner; each year I spend 3-6 months traveling Italy’s wine regions. In some cases, schedules conflict, when they do, I’ll try and taste at a trade event (ProWein, VinItaly, ViniVeri, VinNatur, Grandi Langhe, regional fairs, etc.), but sometimes samples are the only way to taste/review a wine.

Generally speaking, I usually taste at trade events, or at the estate/cantina, as noted above. But, there are times when I visit the estate/cantina and time has run out before a thorough (any?) tasting, in these instances, samples are provided for review. There’s a hidden bonus here, and that’s the fact that the wine will be enjoyed with food, i.e. better/more thorough testing conditions.

If a wine can not be tasted using one of the above-mentioned avenues, I’m happy to work with a winery to arrange to taste the wine; sometimes this is in USA, sometimes it’s in Italia.

I ONLY accept samples for Italian wine(s); wines/samples from other countries will NOT be reviewed.

If you’d like to send a sample(s) for review, please note the information below:

Tim Heaton, 720.891.6630, +39 329.455.1920

c/o FedEx Office, 4621 Trail Boss Drive, Castle Rock, CO 80104