New and pre-release wines worth noting

Perhaps the least accurate way of determining the merits or faults of a wine is at a ‘Trade Tasting‘. These events have too many people, too many wines, the serving temperature of the wine is seldom ideal — and yet, so many tasting notes are created in situations like this – so many videos, so many tweets, blah, blah, blah. Sadder still, these are notes that some people rely on, that they consider accurate. Hardly.

With that said, occasionally I will come across (at Trade tastings with good conditions, or with winemakers in their cellars), some really exciting wines that are new to the market or will be released in the near future. This list will provide a placeholder of sorts, until I can publish a formal tasting note – usually within two weeks of sampling the wine.

I have three upcoming events (April, 2017): Taste Alto Piemonte (Novara)Grandi Langhe (Barolo/Barbaresco), and Vin Italy 2017 (Verona). Wines from these (and future) events that clearly distinguish themselves and warrant further inquiry will be listed here.

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