Up to this point I’ve paid for everything I’ve done in the world of wine; it’s so much money that I’m really ashamed to admit it. Like most addicts, I suppose. In addition, if I won trips as a buyer at a store (sponsored by distributor/winery), I gave them to staff. I had my own money, which I  figured was always more than the person working the floor at the wine shop had, so why not. Pay it forward.

In my 20 years of collecting, according to CellarTracker, I’ve purchased more than 5,000 bottles of wine. Since I didn’t even start using CellarTracker until 2008, I can assure you, it’s way, way more than 5,000. At present, and for the past 10+ years, my cellar has been approximately 1,000 bottles.

I tell you this because I’m not looking for someone to buy my wine going forward. What might be appreciated though is a little help. So, if you find my blog helpful , please consider a donation. I’m not looking for people to pony up money so that I can go buy myself $200 bottles and then cellar them, I wan’t to be clear about that. I’m talking about picking up some bottles on my ‘off days’ at some interesting enoteca I may come across, where the shop person (usually the owner) insists I try something truly unique to the area – like 15€ red in Ghemme, or 9€ white in Liguria. (unless you tell me otherwise, e.g you donate 200€ and say ‘try this 200€ wine, and write a note‘, I’m going to limit any wines purchased with donated money to 35 €)

When I purchase something using donations, I’ll make clear mention of it in the tasting/blog note. In addition, if you’d like, I’m happy to cite your support as well. Any money over and above the cost of wine will go to support, equally, those affected by earthquake disasters in Italy, and Pauline Wasserman, one of the (surving) authors of the book that really put into focus what I’d like to do with the rest of my (professional) life (which is to say, as long as my palate holds, and I promise it won’t be into my late 60s and 70s like some – my palate, all of our palates, will have lost something by that time; it’ll be time to move on by then, and so I will).

At some point I may add a fancy button that links to PayPal, etc., but for now, you can just send your support to my PayPal address:

Any little bit helps, all of us, I think.