Looking to add some more gold stars – in the time of Covid-19. I’ll need a little luck.

With the Covid-19, many people’s lives have been altered – some more than others, as we can imagine.

Last year I was not able to attend (it was cancelled for 2020, as it has been for 2021, as well) ProWein, VinItaly, etc. That hurt, as I had travelled there for a yet another three month visit, and instead, at the mid-way point of my trip, found myself in an extreme lockdown, together with many millions in Italia alone. Luckily, I had a lot of wine with me at the time, having – just the day before the decree – moved the final segment of my cellar from its home in Langhe, to the Chianti area (1200+ bottles), most of which were shipped home to my cellar in Colorado. Those that didn’t get shipped, well, I felt like I had to consume them whilst ‘locked down’ at my apartment in Greve in Chianti.

A part of my ‘wine bunker’: some wines I chose to consume during my time locked down whilst in Greve
Some others that I chose to keep with me – I mean at that time, no one could say how long the lockdown would last, right?
A Krug, and plenty of whites from travels in Adige, Lugana, Aosta, Liguria, Friuli, Wachau, etc.
Some of the wines I had moved just a day before, from my cellar in Langhe – most were shipped home – with the above-mentioned used to fortify my ‘wine bunker’ during lockdown
Similar to the above…
My car was not happy with the full load of wine. Oh, well.
No sir, not too happy at all.
Places I’ve visited over the years, roughly 250,000km

So if you look at the map, yeah, I’ve covered a lot of ground, made hundreds of visits to winefarms, but with any luck, I’ll begin another three month odyssey on 9 March 2021. Fingers crossed; my itinerary is (already) quite full.

Best wishes for a happier 2021 (and beyond) to readers of this blog, and everyone else trying to get through these trying times.

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