Italy in the off-season

I prefer to visit Italia in the off-season. Reasons include: less people, lower prices, easier to move around (drive, walk, train, etc.), though I’m sure there are many more. My next 3-month trip to Italy’s wine regions begins in 9 more days.

I’m going through some pictures from my 6 months (2019) there, and wanted to share a few that really speak to a more (for me) enjoyable trip/time there. I realize not everyone can go during my preferred months (March, April, May, October, November, December), but if you can, you really should look into it.

Alba, Cuneo, Piemonte
peak lunch time inside Fra Diavola, a lovely restaurant in the center of Alba, a few weeks before Christmas 2019.


Alto Adige
A few minutes outside of Caldaro, in the heart of the Sudtirol (South Tyrol), where German and Italian are spoken, roughly, equally. A light dusting of snow in the first week of December 2019 in the higher altitudes.


an outdoor cafe just after sunset in the area between Trevi fountain and Villa Borghese gardens.


taking some time to relax on a sunny day just outside the northern gates of the Rome city wall (excellent pastry/coffees at Caffe Vergnano).


Chianti Classico
pretty much alone here on a cool, wet day in the lovely hills of Chianti Classico; getting tasting appointments is easy, and the time spent is often much more intimate.


walking around the boardwalk just outside of Santa Margerita Ligure. Where is everybody?


take some time to enjoy the gardens in the town of Rieti, in Lazio, November 2019


yours truly with Paolo Bea, and his winemaker/architect son, Giampiero Bea, November, 2019.


walked about 7 different vineyards this day in Montefalco, Umbria, home to Sagrantino, and more. Never did see anybody, just nature. November, 2009.


out for a pre-dinner walk in the town of Foligno, in between Assisi and Montefalco, early November, 2019.


Greve in Chianti
hanging out with the locals on a quiet afternoon in the main piazza in Greve in Chianti. Parking? Ha! couldn’t be easier. early November, 2019


spent the entire day (actually 37) touring the Chianti Classico region, making a few dozen vineyard visits (and lots of tastings), in October, 2019; above, near to San Donato area. I think I saw one or two couples that day, driving around making winery visits.


San Gimignano
an cool, overcast morning as I approach the entrance to the walled city of San Gimignano – the town was virtually empty, pretty much the opposite of most visitors’ experiences here.

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