Giuseppe Rinaldi – new releases

One of my favorite trade fairs is the #natarualwinegrowers fair in Cerea, about 45 minutes outside of Verona, called #ViniVeri.

I’m still going through my notes, getting things written, posted, etc., but for those that are interested, I thought I’d post my notes on the newly released wines of Giuseppe Rinaldi, one of the hundred-plus #naturalwinegrowers here at today’s event (7 April, 2017).

I have a personal history with these wines, having worked for the importer years ago, so I’ve had about two decades of experience drinking/tasting these wines. That said, the type of winegrowing happening there today, as evidenced by the wines I tasted, is world-class; Carlotta Rinaldi is a maestra.

Marta Rinaldi greets guests at today’s #VinVeri2017 event.


2015 Giuseppe Rinaldi Nebbiolo Langhe  (R)  Whereas I have found some Langhe Nebbiolo from this vintage to be a little too round, or open-knit at this part of their youthful lives, this is quite classic, and will need a few years. A good sense of the grape, and perhaps an even sense of the place right at the moment. Give this a few years to cast off its primary garb, and then sit back and bask in the glory of #naturalwinegrowing Nebbiolo; understated, and brilliant, to my tastes. HOLD. recommended

2013 Giuseppe Rinaldi Barolo Tre Tine  (VHR)  I think this was the most crowded table of the whole event, and why not, Marta was there, having a blast (she’s infectious this way), so everyone else was, too. Oh, and this wine was there, which, by the way after one taste I wanted to kneel down and utter “I’m not worthy”, to Carlotta, a truly gifted #naturalwinegrower, her dedication and cleverness have really paid off in this vintage. If I had a good cache of these, I would definitely open one, and celebrate, because. Brilliant. Now or in 25 years, either way you winvery highly recommended

If the above-listed tasting note seems vague, it’s because it is. I’m not into flower, breathless adjectives, those are for wine writers that are selling something. Instead, I just wish to share my experience, and with Barolo as young as this, from a classic vintage, it’s going to be a decade before this (wine) has anything truly meaningful to say.

2013 Giuseppe Rinaldi Barolo Brunate  (VHR)  Tasted after Tre Tine, this is just impossibly backward right now. Sure, it’s easy to gauge the weight, purity, etc., but any complexity beyond primary facets is a decade away. Some producers, I should say a few producers, have a 2013 Barolo wine with this type of structure, it’s genuinely impressive, with breadth, depth and complexity that will develop for several decades. HOLD. very highly recommended

Carlotta Rinaldi, having fun with guests at #ViniVeri2017

The future of Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Rinaldi is in very good hands.

(header photo: I chose something from my online gallery, a cheery photo, like the family Rinaldi)

2 thoughts on “Giuseppe Rinaldi – new releases

  1. Tim – Thanks for the informative and passionate notes. I always look forward to reading your takes on the classic wines from Piemonte.

    – Seth

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my pleasure, Seth, or, more precisely, as you say, it’s my passion. It’s only in this most recent trip, the culmination of my third full year of life in Italian (cumulatively) that I’ve come to really understand what passion means, and I think maybe I share it the way so many winegrowers do, too. With regard to Rinaldi, I’m just in awe of young Carlotta – he education and experience are the same or less than many today, but her choices and her passion is taking these wines into new territory. Incredible young woman.


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