The rosé wines of Alto Piemonte – 8 you’ll want to buy!

Let me begin by saying I’m sure there are more than eight rosato wines from the Alto Piemonte that you should know about. I should know about them, too, but there’s only so much time at a tasting like the one held just a few months ago. So, what follows are eight that really stood out among those that I tasted; each one knocking my socks off, each one having its own identity and unique reason to love it.

If you already know about rosé, or rosato, wines from the Alto Piemonte, and/or these style of wines produced (primarily) from the delicate, highly expressive Nebbiolo grape, then you know they’re capable of combining elegance and flavor in a package that’s exciting, fresh, and really delicious. But if you’re just learning, or ready to learn, these wines represent an introduction that (a) won’t break the bank, (b) are lots of fun, and (c) will keep until next year, or longer, if you don’t get to them right away; many will actually improve in a year or two.

Dry and delicate, not bitter and off-putting, not sweet, with good length, highly refreshing, and excellent partners to a wide variety of foods. That’s a pretty good summation of what you can expect from a rosé/rosato wine from Alto Piemonte region, with Nebbiolo at its foundation/exclusively.

The 2016 vintage was pretty much excellent across the board in this region, not good, or really good, it was excellent – I hope you get to buy some and experience it for yourselves.

While some of the notes may come across as brief, a function of a busy trade tasting, the impression these wines left were anything but.

On to the wines…with most tasted at the first annual TasteAltoPiemonte event in Novara, Piemonte, Italia.

2016 Proprietà Sperino Lessona Rosa del Rosa  (HR+) One of the more/most exciting rosato wines I’ve ever had. I bought two cases, may go back for more, they’ll sell out fast. Tasted multiple times.

Stunning beauty. Medium salmon color, grey at the watery rim. A powerful, energetic nose of place and grape. Juicy flavors of nectarine, pomegranate, barely ripe strawberry, peach and an admixture of red floral notes that perfectly complement the energy and purity of this under-stated beauty. My second time in the past 2 months, this is everything I look for in an exciting rosé wine, it’s the total package. What began as something of an experiment for Luca, has quickly turned out to be a thing of beauty that captures the finesse of the Nebbiolo grapes of Alto Piemonte, and brings a unique and thoroughly engaging rosé wine to our patio, our tables, and our lives. Brillianthighly recommended+

I spent a total of nearly 3 hours at the estate with Luca, and a detailed story will follow on my blog, but in all our time together we never got to taste; this bottle was a sample kindly provided by Luca, just prior to VinItaly 2017 – which is to say I got to try this with food, taking this already stellar wine into the next realm.

Inside the cellars at Proprieta Sperino

2015 Paride Chiovini Sizzano Eros


{ #TasteAltoPiemonte } The first wine in the full lineup from Paride Chiovini is the rosato which comes from the acidic soils of Sizzano and is allowed only minimal skin contact before it’s fermented in stainless steel. Bottled ~ 1 year ago, this is showing pretty aromatics, but the palate offers less freshness. The 2016 will be bottled this week, and therefore, only the 2015 is available today. 100% Spanna. 12,5% abv. drink now. The 2016 is likely to be easily recommended based on a great vintage and the quality this producers is known for. 

2016 Ioppa Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo Rusin  (R+)  In the zone now, this is crazy good. 100% Nebbiolo rosato that’s in stainless steel for a total of 40 days. Pale salmon, this rosé wine hits all the right notes: flowers, watermelon, strawberries, limestone, soil, kiwi, beeswax, etc. This has such an array of aromas, with most everything carrying over to the really elegant light>medium-bodied palate. Great persistence, great fun, great value! recommended+

Screwcap; thru 2020 – I bought a case, will likely go back for more – so good, incredible price!

2015 Pietro Cassina Coste della Sesia Rosa Rosarum  (R+)  { #TasteAltoPiemonte } Pale salmon color, bright and clear. The nose is really pretty, Pietro does an excellent job capturing the delicate side of both Nebbiolo and Alto Piemonte’s feminine charms. Strawberries, cherries, minerals, a whisper of almond cream, with flavors following through to a delicate, well-balanced palate that delivers an elegant, sapid finish; thru 2018 at least. Very nice; bravo, Pietro! recommended+ cas ros







2016 Gilberto Boniperti Vino Rosato Rosadisera  (R+)  { #TasteAltoPiemonte } Excellent young rosato, with lovely blend of soil, fruit and freshness. Plenty of energy and bright fruits here to insure this bottle is finished in no time; keen balance, good persistence. Pretty, structured, and easily recommended+. Now thru 2020

2016 Cà Nova Colline Novaresi Aurora  (R+)  { #TasteAltoPiemonte } Watermelon juice color. Mineral and watermelon nose with some cherries in the background; in a minute, kiwi, strawberries, lime/citrus – really gains some lovely characteristics quite quickly. Medium body, clean, crisp, exciting finish, great flavors; this needs another 6 months in bottle based on today’s sample. Dry, with a good suggestion of florality. Drink thru 2020recommended+

2016 Antoniolo Coste della Sesia Bricco Lorella  (R+)  { # TasteAltoPiemonte } Wow, a bunch of really exciting 2016 rosato wines today, and this one is no exception. Organically farmed from soils high in acidity (i.e. low pH), this features great vibrancy with gentle textural components too. Fruits tend to the citrus and pit fruit spectrum, with more flavors developing in the mouth. Crisp, and refreshing, the finish is medium+. Quite well-made, brava, Lorella. 13,0% abv., now thru 2019. 100% Nebbiolorecommended+

2016 Le Pianelle Al Posto dei Fiori Rosato  (R+)  Less about austerity than it is about persistence and presence. A differnt, fuller expression of a rosato, but sometimes you may want a little more, and this delivers, though it’s never charmless or blowsy. More fruit than earth/mineral driven, with just a dusting of dried/fresh flowers, this is suitable for picnics, the porch, aperitivo, etc. Good fun, very clean, correct. Drink now with gustorecomended+

Happy hunting!

(header photo: a late spring day, 30 March, 2017 in the Alto Piemonte)


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