2015 Cascina Chicco Langhe Nebbiolo

Very approachable and easy drinking young Nebbiolo wine. It’s correct, dry, with supple lines and a round style. But…it’s on night #2 that it shows more of its material, its complexity (there really was realluy very little on night #1, just juicy goodness). Marco’s wines are always correct, at any price level, but this, at just 8€ in a supermarket, is an excellent value, and a great table wine. I’d say if you’re going to drink it in the near term, be sure it’s around 60F, and give it 2 hours of air. Or, if you want, this can clearly cellar for the mid-term as well – maybe at its peak in 2-3 more years, and then for the next few as well. Dangerously easy and pleasurable now, this is another solid win for Cascina Chicco. 14,0% abv., DIAM cork, recommended

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