ViniVeri 2017 – excited to visit!

I’m really looking forward to this year’s ViniVeri (even if I only get to attend the first day, 7 April…there’s an overlap with VinItaly’s days). ViniVeri is an exciting group of winegrowers from many parts across Europe. They all adhere to a set of rules/agreements for things like yeast (can only be indigenous), controlled temperatures (not allowed), no pesticides, etc. For a more detailed view of their philosophy and statutes/articles, please look HERE – ViniVeri 2017

In addition to producers from Italia, there are winegrowers from Portugal, France, Austria, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, etc., more than a hundred, in fact.

You can find a complete list of producers on the website, but here’s a few that I’m especially looking forward to:

  • Maria Litizia Allevi (Marche/Rosso Piceno Sup.)
  • Aci Urbajs (southern Slovenia/just one hectare, BIO)
  • Paolo Bea (Montefalco/Sagrantino)
  • Laurent Bannwarth (Alsace/White & Red)
  • Friedrich Schatz (Andalusia/Alinipo, Finca Sanguijuela, Petit Verdot, Moscatel Negra, etc., from just 3Ha)
  • Irene Cameli (Marche/DOCG Passerina, Rosso Piceno Sup., DOCG Pecorino – from just 2,5Ha)
  • La Costa (Veneto/Vespaiolo, Groppello, etc., from < 2,4Ha)
  • Cantina Ninni (Umbria/Spoletino, Merlot, Sangiovese, from 3,2Ha)
  • Colombaia (Toscana/Rosso e Bianco)
  • Klinec Medana (Slovenia/Rebula, Jakot, Gaudelin, Malvazija, Mora , Quela)
  • Oasi degli Angeli (Marche/Piceno)
  • Nikolaihof (Wachau/Gruner Veltliner, Riesling — including the 2000 Vinothek!)
  • La Cerreta (Toscana/Rosso e Bianco, seems like a very cool vision/plan they have)
  • Giuseppe Rinaldi (Barolo/(2013s)Langhe Nebbiolo, Tre Tine, Brunate)

This is going to be a fun fair, I can feel it. A detailed report should be ready soon afterward.

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