March, April, May and June – a return to Italia

In just a few days I’ll leave home for another giro d’Italia (solo per il vino, no turismo). Below I’ve listed the (winegrowing) areas I will visit. I’ve been busy these past few weeks organizing my visits to estates/wineries from Aosta all the way south to Vittoria/Sicilia. And while I’ll no doubt see a lot of amazing things along the way, it’s the people and their stories that I’m looking forward to the most. OK, and the food. OK, and the wine.

In addition to working a lot of the fairs and festivals (noted below), most of my time will be at the cellars and vineyards – I’ve allowed two days for tourism, in Puglia, but really that’s just because it’s a weekend, and not really possible/convenient to meet with winegrowers on those days. That said, I believe my tourism activities will be occupied by catching up on blog posts and tasting notes – and, of course, processing the thousands of photos I’ll no doubt have to sort through.

As of this writing, I have scheduled my appointments/visits through the end of April and into May; in the coming week I will organize my time in Sicily.

In some instances, I’ve listed the base for my stays (AirBnB, mostly), in addition to the wine region I’m working in that day(s).

I have packed just one piece of luggage, my trusty Osprey Meridian Convertible, as all of my camera gear/tripods/etc., are already in Italia.

There are a lot of moving parts here, I hope it all comes together 😀

Taste Alto PiemonteOrcia Wine FestivalVin Italy 2017Grandi Langhe



– 29:   (arrive Milano)

– 30:  (Monferatto)

– 31:  (Alto Piemonte)
– 1: (Taste Alto Piemonte/Novara)
– 2: (Grandi Langhe/Barolo)
– 3:  (Grandi Langhe/Barbaresco)
– 4: (Grandi Langhe/Barolo)
– 5: (Dogliani)
– 6:  (Barolo)
– 7:  (Barolo)
– 8: Verona (Vin Italy)
– 9: Verona (Vin Italy)
– 10: Verona (Vin Italy)
– 11: Verona (Vin Italy)
– 12: Mezzocorona (Trentino)
– 13: Mezzocorona (Trentino)
– 14: Mezzocorona (Trentino)
– 15; (Monferatto)
– 16: Staggia (Chianti Classico)
– 17: Staggia (Chianti Classico)
– 18: Staggia (Chianti Classico)
– 19: Staggia (Chianti Classico)
– 20: Panzano (Chianti Classico)
– 21: Gaiole (Chianti Classico)
– 22: San Quirico (Orcia Wine Festival)
– 23: San Quirico (Orcia Wine Festival)
– 24: San Quirico (Orcia Wine Festival)
– 25: San Quirico (Montalcino)
– 26: San Quirico (Montalcino)
– 27: San Quirico (Montalcino)
– 28: San Quirico (Montalcino)
– 29: Lamezia Terme (catch up on blog/etc.)
– 30: Randazzo (Etna)
– 1: Randazzo (Etna)
– 2: Randazzo (Etna)
– 3: Randazzo (Etna)
– 4: Randazzo (Etna)
– 5; Randazzo (Etna)
– 6: Randazzo (Etna)
– 7: Ragusa (Vittoria)
– 8: Ragusa (Vittoria)
– 9: Ragusa (Vittoria)
– 10: Messina (Faro)
– 11: Rionero in Vulture (Basilicata)
– 12: Rionero in Vulture (Basilicata)
– 13: Polignano a Mare (Puglia)
– 14: Polignano a Mare (Puglia)
– 15: Salerno (Campania)
– 16: Avellino (Campania)
– 17: Avellino (Campania)
– 18: Montefalco (Umbria)
– 19: Montefalco (Umbria)
– 20: San Quirico (Montalcino)
– 21: San Quirico (Montalcino)
– 22: San Quirico (Montalicino)
– 23: San Quirico (Montepulciano)
– 24: (Barolo)
– 25: (Barbaresco)
– 26: (Barbaresco)
– 27: (Barolo)
– 28: (Barolo)
– 29: (Asti)
– 30: (Monferatto)
– 1: (Barolo)
– 2: (blog/tasting notes/catch up)
– 3: (holiday)
– 4: (holiday)
– 5: Aosta
– 6: Aosta
– 7: Sondrio (Valtellina)
– 8: Sondrio (Valtellina)
– 9: Sondrio (Valtellina)
– 10: Sondrio (Valtellina)
– 11: Brescia (Franciacorta)
– 12: Milano
– 13: Milano (depart for USA)
(header photo: sunrise in Liguria, about 30 minutes before the sun passes the horizon)

4 thoughts on “March, April, May and June – a return to Italia

  1. Hi Tim,
    Well, it looks like our paths may cross again, not in Randazzo this time, but in Piemonte. Chris and I will be staying in Alba for four nights, May 26th through the 29th, departing May 30th for Milan and the flight home. We are mainly going for the Mille Miglia 1000 mile antique car race, but will of course avail ourselves of all the other things la bella Italia has to offer. Hope we can get together for a sip of wine and a chat. ciao, Joe K.


      1. Hi Tim,   Sorry I didn’t call, we’ve been so busy with stuff relating to the Mille Miglia, I’ve fallen behind in maintaining contact.  Not to mention absolutely worn out every evening.  That said, we are looking forward to seeing you.  I may have mentioned that an old frat brother of mine is a big fan of Piemonte wines, and offered to set up appointments for us to visit a couple of his favorites.  So we are visiting Matteo Corregia in Roero on Friday May 26 at 2 pm, and also Bruno Rocca at 12 on Saturday May 27.  He wanted to set up more for us, but we said that was enough. Other than that, we’ll be free.    Hope you are having a great time.    I don’t know what whatsapp is, will have to take a look at it.    Take care,     Joe and Chris Kovacs


  2. You are one lucky guy to visit such dream locations. Keep your glass full, I’ll try and do the same.


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