A few, newly released (2018) rosso di Montalcino wines

I’ll cross-post these recommendations to the (HR) Highly recommended/new-er releases page, but these recently released/tasted wines deserve a special mention as they’ll soon be available in the marketplace, and I suggest you get your orders in soon.


2018 Terre Nere Rosso di Montalcino

Already quite approachable on the nose, with fully integrated (14,0%) alcohol. Inviting aromas, elegant sensibility of place and grape, with (at the moment, tank sample) acids and tannins that show just slightly aggressively; 6-12 months of rest will most surely help. An excellent value, and one worth seeking out. Not as mind-blowing as the Le Chiuse rosso tasted just before it, but easily in the first quartile of 2018 RdM wines tasted this year. Drink 2022-2032; crazy good value. highly recommended+

2018 Le Chiuse Rosso di Montalcino

Remarkable, a true baby Brunello, as it were. A bit darker brick red core, deep watery edge, with a nose that opens with sweet cedar, freshly crushed red berries dipped in cherry juice; aromas gain in intensity in only a few minutes. On the medium/med+ palate, quite a bit of breadth and depth already, with a finish that’s already quite lengthy. Impressive on many levels – ideal ripeness, structured, balanced, etc. – this will improve for a few years before reaching what’s likely to be an extended plateau of ideal drinking. I was still thinking about this the following day, it’s that type of wine; really hard to over-state the brilliance of this wine. 13,0%. Drink 2021-2036. highly recommended

3 thoughts on “A few, newly released (2018) rosso di Montalcino wines

    1. I checked with the Frederick Wildman (importer) rep, and she said the 2015 Brunello are on order for the West Coast, and should arrive in a few weeks. She didn’t mention the 2018 rosso wines, so I’ve asked her about those specifically – waiting to hear.


  1. thank you for maintaining this blog. I had a 2016 Terre Nere Rosso this weekend based upon your notes. I think I paid $16, maybe $17. Very enjoyable. Such an incredible value.


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