2010 Az. Agr. Montevetrano – beauty in a bottle

I’ve yet to write/post of my time with Silvia Imparato in May of this year – one of the most enjoyable wine (and otherwise) moments of my life, but I shall, in good time.

Last night I opened a bottle for a friend whom I knew had never had this wine before, in fact, he’d never even heard of Montevetrano before. He’s got a great palate, good instincts, and knows a well-grown wine when he tastes one. He was, I think, rather taken by this wine; for good reason, it’s just gorgeous.

This wine spent 20 days macerating on the skins (in stainless), then malolactic in a combination of first and second passage French barrique. Montevetrano’s selection of oak from three different regions is based on a careful study of oak from several areas, but not all of them responded to the wine the same was as those from Nevers, Allier and Troncais.

One of the best aspects of Montevetrano, for my palate, aside from its elegance, is that I can rely on it to represent not just the land and the grapes, but also the vintage. Think of them as hand blown glass, each expertly crafted, yet unique with character and honesty.

2010 Azienda Agricola Montevetrano Montevetrano Colli di Salerno IGT  (HR)  Another brilliant, exceptionally elegant showing. I had double-decanted this about 3 hours before serving it (at cellar temp). This is already in the zone, it’s already in a special place. Medium+ bodied, this showcases the elegant side of Cabernet Sauvignon, with the added softness of Merlot, and the bright acidity of Aglianico. 1,000-thread count sheets in a bottle, with finesse and nuance in every direction. An excellent food wine (we had grilled vegetables/ribeyes and a caprese salad) with plenty of diversity for pairing. I’m going to buy some more today. Now thru 2027highly recommended

sustainable farming at Montevetrano, taken during my visit in May, 2017

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