2009 Selvapiana Vigneto Bucerchiale

Bucerchiale (boo-chair-key-al-ay), a name you need to know, even if you can’t pronounce it. The same goes for the tiny sub-region of Rufina, and the tiny area of Selvapiana within that tiny sub-region. The maps below should give you an idea of this sub-region, one of Chianti’s smallest, just east of Firenze (Florence), far in the north, as far as Chianti/Classico goes.

chianti subzones

If you’ve located the sub-region of Rufina, just right of the word/city of Firenze (Florence); the map below will zoom in on that sub-region, and on it, if you look just below the center , in red, along the river, that’s Selvapiana, and in the instant case, more or less 600 acres, or one quarter of that are planted to Fattoria Selvapiana’s vines.

chianti regions

OK, back to the wine. From what I can see on on their site  and having talked with them over the years, it looks like there are two different vineyards for this wine – one planted in the 70s, another planted about 20 years ago. The yields are lower (the older vineyards have much less planting density), and a number of vessels/casks/barrique are used in the vinification; ~ 15 days on skins.

That said, here was my experience the other night:

(HR) On first pour, it’s all about the soil/earth notes, dusty, mushrooms and forest. It’s not until this has had about 15 minutes in the glass that the fruit begins to emerge – and once it does, it really doesn’t stop. This continues to add weight and complexity every five minutes. As it does, it’s always keeping its elegant composure. This bottle (there’s some variation, now and over the years) was an education in elegance and poise all the while subtly managing a medium>medium+ body. The finish is medium>long, the tannins are (mostly) resolved, and very fine. This is such a lovely display of place and grape – red fruited, mysterious at times, an expensive pair of shoes at other times. Very happy to have more, but I will still be on the look out for another 6 or more that I plan to enjoy over the coming decade. This is a book that I’m looking forward to following until the final chapter.  highly recommended


Really looking forward to trying their Olive Oil, too.

(header photo: nightfall in Italia; just a few km from the vineyards)

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