Getting ready for Vin Italy, 2017 – part I

Vin Italy is a crazy time. It’s a fun time (I get to see old and new friends), and it’s an awful time (the crowds! the heat! my feet!!!). I guess I’m saying it’s just like the rest of life – take the good with the bad.


Of the four days, I plan to spend roughly  1 1/2 just in the Piemonte pavilion (padiglione). Here’s my tentative list (with the proviso that I may not re-taste some of these at Vin Italy given that I may well have already tasted them the week prior at the 3-day Grandi Langhe event).

Anna Maria Abbona
Agostino Pavia (w/Cascina Ballarin)
Alessandria Fratelli
Elio Altare (w/Veglio Mauro)
Antica Casa Scarpa
(Az. Agr.) Guido Porro – Marchisio
Cantina Del Pino
Cascina Chicco
Csc. Morassino – Nuove Radici
Chionetti – Consorzio Langa
Ciabot Berton
Colombo – Cascina Pastori
Correggia – Consorzio Langa
Cortese Giuseppe
Dante Rivetti
Germano Ettore – Vignaioli Piemontese
Elio Grasso
La Colombera – Vignaioli Piemontese
Le Piane
Mariotto Claudio
Mascarello Giuseppe
Proprieta Sperino – Isole e Olena

That’s 37 producers. If I spend just 15 minutes with each one, I’ll need more than 9 hours. Some of these tasting are likely to last more than 15 minutes, though some may be so full that I give up before even trying (I’ve already set many appointments, appointments are key – plus you usually get a seat, or a blessing, however you choose to view it). In the end, I think the day and half that I’ve allowed is possible. We’ll see.

I’ve already set up my first dinner during my time in Verona. It’s a place I’ve always been curious to visit (a wine-geek bucket list of sorts), but I’ve always been too cheap. Well, this year, I plan to arrive one night early so that I can help a very good friend celebrate his birthday – sooo, naturally, I had to make a reservation at (Antica) Bottega del Vino. If you’re wondering, yes, I’ve already picked out my wines (the link to find the list online, all 181 pages of it ), well, (the first) three of them anyway.

(header photo: I took this picture at Vin Italy in 2014, at the Cavallotto stand)

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