Wine Reviews

I’ve divided the menu bar for wine reviews into two categories – one for newly released wines (which I feel people want to see more than notes on older wines I may taste), and a section for wines that could be 3, 15, or 50 years old, but have recently tasted. I’m thinking I’m going to need to overhaul this in the future, to make it more effective; we’ll see.

Please note: I don’t accept samples. I don’t solicit samples. I don’t want samples.

If I want to try a wine, I’ll do the same thing(s) I’ve done for years, buy it, or taste it at a trade event or when I visit the estate, at my own expense.

Any sample bottle(s) provided by/at the cantina will be clearly noted in the review.

If a wine can not be tasted using one of the above-mentioned avenues, I will work with a winery to taste the wine, but I don’t want PR firms sending me samples; or even contacting me. Quid pro quo are not good for the consumer. Transparency is good for the consumer.